Lucian Wester

Natural Gradients #3


The works were made in a color darkroom with a color projector set an angle of about 30° to the paper. Though this angle one side of the paper was situated closer to the light source than the other end of the paper. One physical property of light is that over a distance in space it will decrease in strength, which produces the photographic paper a gradient. To get two gradients the paper had to be exposed twice and in between reversed in place and the color filtered light set to be complementary.

This work both speaks to the abstract and objective (or index) in relation to the medium of photography and painting.


Natural Gradients #3 - Red/Cyan - color print (photogram) - 127x380 cm - 2013



Natural Gradients #3 - Green/Magenta - color print (photogram) - 127x380 cm - 2013



Natural Gradients #3 - Blue/Yellow - color print (photogram) - 127x380 cm - 2013