Lucian Wester



The project is called ‘Marines’ because the subject photographed is the North Sea on places wherein the 17th century big sea battles between the Dutch, English and Spanish took place. The project is a combination of a series of seascapes (Marines) and a historical research into the problems concerning truthful representation. Through the historical research I connect different stories dealing with truthful representation show how this has always been a struggle and how these stories relate to our present times.


The technique that I use to make these Marines is a primitive method of making color photography. The basic principle is simple: I make three black/white images all filtered with a different colorfilter. The colors are of course the primary colors: red, green and blue. The three images overlaid show color fringes where objects moved between the exposures, such as clouds henceforth revealing the construction the medium.


Prints are available from €140 (exclusive shipping cost) by contacting my through email:


Limited edition of: 50.

Dimensions: 50x70 cm

Material: tricolor offset print

Year of creation: 2014



West Terschelling - 2014